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Exclusive XXL Candle Bowl Centerpiece

Exclusive XXL Candle Bowl Centerpiece

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You're going to want to grab a warm drink and a blanket and snuggle up on the sofa watching your favourite festive film or with a good book when you light this candle. It's the perfect feel good accessory to have in your home, guaranteed to lift your mood.

What We Love

Our new and exclusive xxl candle bowls make the most gorgeous centrepieces especially in the christmas season.

Feauturing 4 wicks the flames look stunning especially in the evenings, they light up the room perfectly giving a lovely ambiance and cosy feel.

*Refills available here*


- A breathtaking 200+ hours of burn time

- A huge 1.5kg of your chosen sumptuous scent

- Features 4 wicks for an even burn

- Weight of approx 2.5kg

Care information

- The first time you burn your candle please ensure you keep it lit for 2-4 hours until the melt pool has reached the edge of the vessel. This is super important and avoids your candle tunnelling.

- Trim that wick! There is no need to trim your wick the first time you burn your candle but, after each burn trim just the top of the wick to avoid sooting and to keep a nice clean flame.

- Never leave unattended.

- Never move when lit.

- Always burn on heatproof surface.

- To clean out your candle ready to place in your new refill, pour boiling water into the vessel very carefully. Leave the water cool. By the time its cooled down the excess wax should have risen to the top of the water and once hardened you should be able to pop it out. Dry your candle well and pop your new stickum that came with your refill onto the wick on the bottom of the new refill. Carefully place into the jar and press in. Voila a brand new candle!



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