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Sumptuous Scents

XL Geo Refill

XL Geo Refill

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Here it is.. the long awaited candle refills! 

Enjoy your vessels forever by refilling as many times as you like! Simply choose your fragrance from the list & we will send you out your refill. 


How To Use

How to use;

Clean out your vessel after you’ve finished burning it.  The easiest way to do this is to pour boiling water from the kettle into your jar with a some fairy liquid. After a few minutes the wax should rise to the top, wait for this to harden and then pop out. Empty the water and you’ve got a brand new candle! 
Once you’ve unwrapped the refill candle be sure to keep the CLP label. This is very important as it contains all the ingredients & allergy information on it.

Carefully place the refill into the vessel and gently press down & voila you have a brand new candle for half the price! 

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