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How do I change my wax melt ?

To change your wax melt; light the tea light beneath the wax and wait uo to 30 seconds until the wax has slightly melted on the bottom just enough for you to be able to pop the wax out. Wipe up any excess wax with a cotton pad carefully & you're good to go.

How do I use a candle refill ?

To clean out your candle ready to place in your new refill, pour boiling water into the vessel very carefully. Leave the water cool. By the time its cooled down the excess wax should have risen to the top of the water and once hardened you should be able to pop it out. Dry your candle well and pop your new stickum that came with your refill onto the wick on the bottom. Carefully place into the jar and press in. Voila a brand new candle!

Why is my candle tunnelling ?

To avoid this; The first time you burn your candle please ensure you keep it lit for 2-4 hours until the melt pool has reached the edge of the vessel. This is super important and avoids your candle tunnelling, trust me you don't want to waist that beautiful scented wax!

Are you eco friendly ? 

We care about our planet! Check out our About Us page to read about the positive steps we’re taking.

 When will my order arrive ?

Our turnaround is currently 7 working days. Please allow this time for your order to be processed, and an additional 3 - 5 working days for your order to be shipped. Due to us being a small business, our turn around can go up to 10 working days during busy periods. 

Why is my wax smoking ?

This is a common misconception that some wax smokes, this is not true. Smoke is grey / black & thick & has an unpleasant smell. What you are seeing is simply the fragrance releasing into the air. Much like water wax steams when it gets hot causing it to evaporate into the air & release the scent.

Are your products designer ?

No. Our fragrance oils are very similar to the designer high end scents. We are in no way affiliated with the designer company, our products simply smell similar to the perfume/aftershave.

What if there’s an issue with my order ? 

Please refer to Returns Policy page.