How it all began..

It was around March time 2019 and a friend had been telling me about Mrs Hinch. I quickly became obsessed with keeping my home clean and organised after watching all of her cleaning stories. I’d never heard of a wax melt until I saw her story one day of her collection. I decided I wanted to try them, see what all the hype was about. Oh my gosh I was in love! They made my home smell beautiful, & I loved how you could buy perfume inspired scents.

I began to get a little bored during mat leave. Don't get me wrong I loved spending time with my daughter but, she would sleep for most of the day so I wanted a little hobby. Something I could do at home. I can’t remember when or why I thought of making my own wax melts, I just remember going on youtube to watch some videos of how to make them. After learning the basics I decided to buy some supplies from amazon.

My first clamshell... lets just say it did not turn out like the ones on the youtube video I watched. I had no idea about temperatures and actually ended up melting the plastic! After a couple more weeks of trial and error I was finally getting somewhere and decided I’d set up an instagram page and see if i could start to sell them.

I was blown away with the interest and support I received, and found this whole new community on instagram that i never knew existed! Fast forward almost 10 months and my little business has grown quite a bit & I couldn't be happier.

I’m not going to lie, somedays i feel like I cant do it. Especially since going back to work full time in September. I’m slowly learning how to manage my time better and to not let work pile up until it gets too much. 

I have so much planned for 2020 & can’t wait to see my little business grow & grow! Thank you all so much for the love and support, it really means the world!

Mari xx


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  • Amy wood

    I’m new to tik tok n I’ve just seen your page you should be proud I can not wait to order honest best looking home made candles I’ve literally seen carnt wait to try melts either I’m to addicted to clean smells n a clean home with my 3 terrors well done babe

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