How it all began..

It was March 2019 and a friend had been telling me about Mrs Hinch. I quickly became obsessed with keeping my home clean and organised after watching all of her cleaning stories. I’d never heard of a wax melt until I saw her story one day of her collection. I decided I wanted to try them, see what all the hype was about. Oh my gosh I was in love!

I began to get a little bored during mat leave, don't get me wrong I loved spending time with my daughter but she would sleep for most of the day so I wanted a little hobby, something I could do at home. I can’t remember when or why I thought of making my own wax melts, I just remember going on youtube to watch some videos of how to make them. After learning the basics I decided to buy some supplies from amazon.

My first clamshell... lets just say it did not turn out like the ones on the youtube video I watched. I had no idea about temperatures and actually ended up melting the plastic! After a couple more weeks of trial and error I was finally getting somewhere and decided I’d set up an instagram page to document the process. 

I was blown away with the interest and support I received, and found this whole new community on instagram that i never knew existed. People started to enquire about buying some from me, I couldn't believe it!

April 29th 2019 I opened for business and within my first month I had over 100 orders placed via instagram dms. It started to get too munch to keep on top of so I decided to set up a professional website and everything just grew from there!

I couldn't be more grateful for the success of my small business <3



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I’m new to tik tok n I’ve just seen your page you should be proud I can not wait to order honest best looking home made candles I’ve literally seen carnt wait to try melts either I’m to addicted to clean smells n a clean home with my 3 terrors well done babe

Amy wood

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